Provider Services: Medically necessary services you receive from a licensed health professional.

Durable medical equipment (DME): This is equipment that serves a medical purpose, is able to withstand repeated use, and is appropriate for use in the home. Examples include walkers, wheelchairs, and oxygen tanks. You may purchase or rent DME from a Medicare-approved supplier after your provider certifies you need it. 

Home Health Services: Services covered if you are homebound and need skilled nursing or therapy care.

Ambulance Services: This is emergency transportation, typically to and from hospitals. Coverage for non-emergency ambulance/ambulette transportation is limited to situations in which there is no safe alternative transportation available and where the transportation is medically necessary.

Preventive Services: These are screenings and counseling intended to prevent illness, detect conditions, and keep you healthy. In most cases, preventive care is covered by Medicare with no coinsurance.

Therapy Services are outpatient physical, speech, and occupational therapy services provided by a Medicare-certified therapist.

Chiropractic Care when manipulation of the spine is medically necessary to fix a subluxation of the spine (when one or more of the bones of the spine move out of position).

Select Prescription Drugs, including immunosuppressant drugs, some anti-cancer drugs, some anti-emetic drugs, some dialysis drugs, and drugs that are typically administered by a physician.

Mental Health Services.

X-rays and Lab Tests.


This list includes commonly covered services and items, but it is not a complete list. Medicare does not usually pay the full cost of your care, and you will likely be responsible for some portion of the cost-sharing (deductibles, coinsurances, copayments) for Medicare-covered services.

The 2022 Part-B premium is $170.10 per month (premiums will be higher for individuals with annual incomes of $91,000 or more and married couples with annual incomes of $182,000 or more.)


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